Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Singles Roundup

I haven't done one of these in awhile. Here's this weeks singles round-up split into ratings:


Run this Town - Jay-Z Featuring Rihanna & Kanye West. Among the best singles from Jay-Z. The star studded "Run this Town" is a haunting, almost Gothic (from the video) venture, aligned with a stomping bassline and an electronic guitar, keeping that fresh hip-hop appeal.

Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship Featuring Leighton Meester. Pop punk band, Cobra Starship are on their third album and I've only just heard them--not to dismiss that their first 2 weren't exactly big hits. The first single "Good Girls Go Bad" from, Hot Mess, has become a breakthrough hit for the band, landing them a top 10 hit. It's a firey, electronic studded number with a fantastic chorus.

Sexy Bitch - David Guetta & Akon. This rocks. I've too much about it already--but I can't resist, It's just such as cool club song.


Down - Jay Sean Featuring Lil' Wayne.
This has grown on me a lot during the course of last week. Upon initial listens, I wasn't sure if I was liking Jay Sean's venture into more club styled music, a slight detour from his typical British-urban appeal.

Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls. I still really like this. I haven't really paid attention to any other Boys Like Girls release, as much as I have with this one and I'm really enjoying it.

Fireflies - Owl City.
I had fun reviewing one man band, Owl City's first album a couple months ago--I wouldn't have picked this as a single as there are better songs on the album but I still really like this a lot. In the review I said: ("Fireflies," starts out quite dark alternative sounding, before breaking into a more light dance pop sound.").

Beverley Knight - Beautiful Night. Beverley's new album, 100% is out, facing positive reviews but little commercial success. "Beautiful Night" is an awesome song. A soulful mid-tempo.

Kelly Carkson - Already Gone. I'm still listening to this. I'm shocked it's yet to become a hit.


Mika - We Are Golden.
I really like the new Mika single, everything from Mika's off-beat vocal, the drums, strings--it's a really nice song. I'm looking forward to his second album, The Boy Who Knew too Much.

Party in the USA - Miley Cyrus.
I didn't want to like this, but I can't resist. Miley Cyrus' "Part in the USA" certainly has a certain ring to it. Despite her sounding so processed on the fun chorus, it still sounds good. It's definitely best I've heard from her.

Falling for You - Colbie Caillat. I don't like this as much as Colbie's more solid efforts like "Bubbly" or "Realize" but the acoustic and light pop combination seems to be a winning formula for the singer--so I this is pretty good too.

Be on You - FloRida & Ne-Yo. This is a cool R&B tinged number, it has nice melody. Only downer is it's suppose to be FloRida's single but Ne-Yo easily outshines by delivering the songs great chorus. Sorry Flo.

LOL :-) - Trey Songz Featuring Gucci Mane & Soulja Boy. This is pretty good, one of the few R&B songs these days where the instruments are audible. I really like the kiddish chorus.


One Time - Justin Bieber.
Fifteen year old Justin Bieber releases his debut single "One Time" a compact, generic pop and R&B fuse number with cliche lyrics, but it's not all that bad--as if I downloaded it, I'd probably still listen numerous times. He reminds me of a young Jesse McCartney, but I feel their trying to make him the male Britney Spears.

30H!3 - Starstrukk. Not as good as "Don't Trust Me" but I still really like it a lot--the "whistles" in place for the word 'boner' is hilarious I still haven't given their album, Want, a proper listen.

Face Drop - Sean Kingston. I wasn't too big on "Fire Burning" although it's grown on me quite a bit now, Sean Kingston's follow up "Face Drop" isn't bad--but leaves me wondering if he will top "Beautiful Girls."


Imma Star (Everywhere We Are) - Jeremih.
As a fan of "Birthday Sex" I'd say "Imma Star (Everywhere We Are)" is a pretty weak follow up, but it was among the highlights from Jeremih's first album, which isn't saying much, but it is beginning to grow on me considerably.

Chillin' - Wale Featuring Lady GaGa. This isn't bad. You may remember Wale from the Daniel Merriweather single "Change." Lady GaGa's bit in the song is infectious, Wale's verses, not so much. Maybe I'm not paying enough attention.

Basement Jaxx & Sam Sparrow - Feelings Gone. The layers of violins at the beginning are calming but the burst into the pounding synth basslines gets old quick. It's probably a grower.


Break Up - Mario Featuring Gucci Mane & Sean Garrett.
No melody, no solid chorus and very dry sounding. I tried to give it a chance, but Mario's new single doesn't do it for me.


Your A Jerk - New Boyz.
How is this mess of a single, still climnig the iTunes chart? Shamefully, I found myself singing along to the "chorus" when the video popped up on BET.


Ken said...

Nice single selections up there. I really like Starstrukk by 3OH!3 with Katy P.

I'm quite surprised with Jay Sean's performance in the US with "Down" the song's generic but it's proving to be having massive appeal to americans. THe song is absolutely better without Lil'Wayne. He's crap.

Is GGGB just making airwaves in the UK? That's so old here.

and... Justin Beiber, he's awesome. My friends really like his music. He's single is starting to become a hit here, Thanks to MTV playing the video almost every hour. LOL.

rcLoy said...

I have to agree with Ken about the Lil Wayne part. LOL.

My bestie hates GGGB cos of the "stupid" lyrics even though I love the beat of that song.

Kinda pissed that Get Sexy is not #1~ :S

I really dig the Chillin' song~ It's a bit old for me though. =)

Oh, Miley is so over rated. Urgh *puke* =/

J.Mensah said...

Ken - Why thank you! :) what? I didn't know Katy Perry was featured on "Starstrukk." I'm so proud of Jay Sean and his success, I do agree about it being very generic but as long as it works aye? I haven't been hearing much about GGGB here yet, I'm pretty sure it should be making airwaves soon. Anything that's a success overseas first, we always get late :( I really like the Justin Bieber song, it really grew on me and glad to see he's getting play alot!

Loy: =[ I can't dislike Lil' Wayne even if I tried :(. LOL @ the lyrics in the song, I only paid attention after I read your comment. Yeah! I was so sure it was gonna go straight to #1 it would've been a nice way to solidfy their "comeback." Miley is kinda overrated, isnt she.